2-minute-max Unintentionally removed?

Apparently, the devs left a little loophole out of the 2-minute max/sol timer.

Making an inmate into a criminal will make them unresponsive to the cell, meaning no uniform change, but also no timer. This means that as long as the inmate in question doesn’t have admin commands, this is a way of getting around the timer.

I believe that this is somewhat balanced though, as it attracts attention when a prisoner is outside the gates in a guard’s custody. This also takes time, and since it cannot go unnoticed, abuse in the form of filling the max/sol cells with innocents becomes near impossible.

The only issue here is that the “inmates” could be forgotten in the cells, to which I propose a solution: simply switch teams to prisoner, and you will be respawned wherever the status is.

Its supposed to be like this, you need to arrest criminals.

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The point of the loophole is that they aren’t really criminals, they start as an inmate and end as a criminal with no items in a max/sol cell, with the only difference being their respawn point on death

I know what you mean, but its supposed like this.

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