3 Bug Reports, First Person Shooting, Gamepass glitches

Please include the following in your reports.

I have 3 bugs to report.

1 When I’m shooting in first person I sometimes get the message to buy Emergency Response Team
It occurs really often and is really annoying

2 I bought an gamepass keycard but when I’m getting an gun in city and I’m holding the keycard I get it twice, probably due if I hold the item it goes in my character and gets out of my backpack, please fix this too.

3 I bought an gamepass gun but when I switch to cop team it sometimes give me the gun twice, not always but sometimes. (I did not screenshot/record this but I don’t think its necessary)

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got the same bugs here, i cant switch to 3rd person from 1st person cant shoot in 1st person etc… as i already own the ERT gamepass

The ERT gamepass thing is extremely annoying, how didn’t it get noticed during playtesting?


Its because not all people have it, me for example dont get any issues with the new update but others do.

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Weird, every person I spoke it had it. Not just me and other W+. I also saw an ERT getting angry about the message.

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