3rd floor Solitary / Maximum Security Cell Block Change

Alright Solitary and Maximum Security cell block is right close to the front entrance. I think this should be obvious that the most dangerous inmates should not be held so close to an exit.

The cell block itself should be moved to a 3rd floor, only able to be accesed by stairs so to leave the prison you will have to get through all of the rooms/floors leading from the new cell block which would be at the 3rd floor the top, so top to bottom and would be far from an escape point. There could be seperate Lunch, Yard, Shower Facilities for these inmates, so the dangerous inmates never have to see a regular population inmate again!

2nd floor could be a medium security inmates cell block.
There could be added rooms or long hallways to obstruct escape by making it longer to walk to.

ERT+ Is only able to access doors in 3rd floor.
ERT+ could access special hallways and areas to traverse around the prison. - cell block easier…


yep i already know what the replys are gonna say “that would be to much of a strain on the devs” BUT when Stateview v3 maybe comes that could be a thing with the floors because y’know regular prisons have floors

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co writting credit to: blacksnickers123 and Darrionm13 (Aang)

Would be great! I really like the idea of more floors


A corridor might be nice too through out the prison. A 3rd floor for ERT+ also sounds reasonable.