5 Ways to handle rule breakers properly, and to prepare for modcalls (While waiting for a Game Admin)

People often come up to me;

“Sir, there’s a Cadet in CR, can you please come and help me?”

This majorly annoys me, and I am tired of being asked to help, everytime I am in-game, so here’s 5 tips from a Game Administrator, and a Prison Commissioner;

Modcalls Modcalls - Modcalls are SUPER useful, as you will with 90% chance have a Game Administrator in your server in less than 10 minutes. If not, modcall again.

Evidence/Proof: Evidence and proof - Listen, without proof, or any sort of screenshot of chatlogs (If in chat, and you got GPA (Gamepass Admin). This helps super much, as we can easily sort it out, without needing to look for proof, or any evicence.

Username(s): Users - Okay, so without a username, we can’t help unless it’s a chat infraction. Simple. Unless you have proof (Video, NOT screenshots), or they are still in the server and abusing.

Do NOT handle it yourself: Self-handling - Let me make it clear to every single one of you. Do NOT handle it yourself. This could be considered as impersonation, or misleading to make others believe you’re a member of authority. And this IS punisable.

I hope this helped.

Prison Commissioner
Game Administrator

Ok, free ranked Prison Commissioner. (good guide btw)

Best Regards,
Intelligence Agency Kid

Screenshots are still acceptable depending on the infraction

Yes, but for abuse, a screenshot is not enough.

Thanks dolly! It’s nice you saw my post.


Random CM Kid

No it isn’t, not always


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He’s right. A screenshot usually isn’t enough.

Yeah, rare cases. It depends on the infraction and other things

I will say that if you’re in-game you should help them out as it is your job.


Prison* :moyai:


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Bro that’s the only thing wrong I see.

Wdym? Like, everything is wrong? I mean, maybe it’s 80% only. Idk.

:skull: Why did you delete it?? No need to…

Generally Game Administrators are available and will join your server within 10 minutes. However, delays can occur and you should be patient.

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