500k Update part one, thoughts?

As you all know the 500k update part one has dropped, and on the discord I’m seeing a lot of mixed opinions on this.

The main reason I’m seeing bad feedback on this is the lag, the lag with this crazy. Although, its for good reason.

Below i will go over all of the updates (That I’m aware of)


The animations have been changed and are no longer R6, personally i do prefer r6 but i do see this as a good step in stateview.

In game currency/Tasks

With this new update in game currency has been added, at the moment this can be used to purchase ranks and thats all I’ve seen so far, I’m un-aware if this can be used to purchase weapons and such. Along with this, tasks have been added! Tasks appear to have 3 a day? I’m not sure on the timeframe and give 20 ish per task.

GUI changes

Just opening the game you can instantly see that pretty much every GUI is different, the levels, rank claiming, and the shop.

Opening the team select will greet you with a new team and descriptions of every team you can join.

Staff cuffing

Users on the high command team (CAC+) Can now cuff other staff. Obviously this has been requested on the forums in many different ways and is good to finally see added, this could be used for easier dismissal of attendees and a good way to stop abuse.

If there is anything i missed in this feel free to add it in the comments, I haven’t played too much from this update so this is just what i know.

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So far, I like it. But, there are some bugs that need to be fixed and some lag issues. I can’t wait to see the other update parts.

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I wish i had words to say in the most respectful way possible that this was a pretty bad move for player retention in this game. When i first opened the game after the update i thought i accidently clicked on a bootleg remake of a game trying to be Stateview. Maybe things will change once it’s ironed out a bit. but i will say the previous version of the game looked much cleaner and “professional” meanwhile, this update looks kind of goofy and childish.

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The new update is ok in some things like droping items or voice chat,but other things arent ok.I know there are a lot of bugs,some of them several,that can make people think is a very bad update but im sure that bugs will be fixed in some days.
Also,the thing i hate the most of this update in my opinion are server limit decrease from 45 to 30 and im not the only one who hate this,i saw many people having problems to host sessions because there wasnt enough players to start and this is a problem,especially on those who must complete a quota.
About animations,i prefer R6 tbh,R6 is better for this kind of games due to STS or things like that.
Other things like currency or staff cuffing are ok,nothing to explain about it.

Idk why everyone is talking abt lag
I only got max fps be4 if i put shadows off
Now i can also put shadows on :smiley:

Yeah i dont see the lag either, it just takes like 4 extra seconds to load but thats all ive seen

Am no like because vc
jerryomgxu - FD

Guys, I apologize, but the game has a few errors.

If you spawn and fall, then you will stay down. (The only way to get out of this situation: command!rejoin; Arrest.)
How fun it is to shoot without hands!
A 100 percent chance of dropping all the guns from a dead policeman is cool!
So what is our status? And exactly it is no longer written.
On this shift we will use the channel for communication 2, Now all in one chat!
You can pickpocket yourself.

I really love this game, but after the last update, there were flaws in the game. Of course, the advantages also appeared! In this message, I just want to point out the existing problems. Despite everything described above, I still have a lot of respect for the staff of developers of this game. I hope this will be fixed!

Change: I almost forgot about the anti-abuse system. It doesn’t work a damn bit!! Sorry, but when a million people have escaped from the shower and you try to arrest them, and they turn out to be innocent! And after 3 attempts, you’re in solitary. This is what discourages any desire to play. The same story with weapons by the way. (There is a lockdown, the prisoners are at the exit, but you can’t shoot at them!)
Change 2: spawn on the roof…

Lol that’s most of the reason I don’t like the new update
jerryomgxu - FD

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The fucking boombox is broke thats like my only reason for joining SV lol.

So are you using the boombox to rick roll people?

Perhaps not…

roblox did their dumb update which privated all audios so it won’t work anymore

Nope arda the rickroll audio still works
jerryomgxu- FD

Ur a facility director, u only stay for the fucking boombox?

I think theyve really improved gameplay quite a bit this update, it used to take a good 5 minutes to stop lagging after loading in, now it just takes 4 seconds roughly to load up.

You can shoot out the tires now. owo

This will make RPC much more entertaining.

Average FD XD!

:moyai: :moyai:


Yes yes so am average FD?
jerryomgxu - FD

Do you think am average FD?
jerryomgxu - FD