A command that lets CP+ Get a list of all the users in the SR

A command that lets you view all the players names in the SR with their ranks, This would lowkey be helpful specially for trainings, And of course you should be able to copy their name! If a user left the SR then their name will be out of the list,

Imagine the pain of someone smashing their keyboard to get their username, And there goes you trying to get their name right!


Would be great if you could see who was in before too, this eay you can check if someone disconnectwd or not.

Otherwise known as a clipboard

I agree, this would be a great way to decrease the time trainings take

Yes. But you could have list of the players, then you can just save the list and there would be other command, which shows the list that you saved. Would be helpful for the shifts. Also if you delete their name, it does β€œres” or then you can just use the command!
Signed - Henkka1981 - Chairperson

I actually agree with this, it would be good to capture all the names that have joined and if they werent there before.