A cuffing feature

Add a new feature to the hand cuff, the only features are to frisk, arrest and release. and there will be a new feature where you can leave someone with handcuffs since its annoying when you have to take another inmate out of a place he isnt supposed to. The feature should have a timer for 60 seconds, after 60 seconds the person left with cuffs will get out of the cuffs and also if someone higher or the same rank (Expect CO and MOs) can take the person that was left with cuffs. (The devs can change the stats of stuff like 60 seconds to get out can be 30 or less/higher)


Iā€™m a bit confused, so when you press that feature will they just stay there in cuffs or move slowly? If so then I like this idea.

Its in cuff not move slowly like in ERLC
When i said like i meant the moving slowly part.