A more obvious/easier way to rank up from Warden to Chairperson

A few of my friends and I have been trying to get to CP for a long time though for some Wardens they are underaged (13 below) or they don’t know how since there are no actual instructions on how. And when you ask a high rank all they say to you is “be active” making it really unclear so Maybe there could be a easier way to rank up. Sometimes I heard that Wardens could pass inspections though they are really rare and sometimes even unfair to people who love in different time zones. So I think maybe have an easier way to rank up.

It is an admin rank, and you need to be in discord to announce sessions. And yes, if you pass an inspection and you are in discord you’ll get CP. but it is supposed to be hard.

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Inspections should be more common.
I haven’t been in an Inspection, so I don’t know how many Wardens participate, how many pass and how big are the promotion rates to CP, but once a week is just overkill. I am sure most people here haven’t even attended an Inspection. Sure, a lot of people may patricipate, but it’s a MANDATORY session and there will be people playing at all times (obviously).

I understand it is supposed to be hard but what I don’t like is that inspections are way to rare. Like I’ve played this game for a long time and still I never been in a inspection and only heard of it.

If there would be an inspection daily, it would cause too many W to promote

I recommend just doing it the activity way.

I have been in an inspection twice but I’ve had to leave 10 minutes after.

Then to many abusers and to many shift going on.