A new gamepass (1700-2500 robux)

add a gamepass that gives the same gui as sebee’s (1700-2500 robux) because if i buy the admin commands gamepass i havent the gui , and i want it because its fun

There are going to be way too many abusers because sebee’s panel is just a trolling/abusing panel.

i know but im not an abuser but if i cant have it …it is not serious

or can someone do a gui only for me and i pay on paypal like 20-25 euros or 23,87-29,84 dollars

The answer is you will get instantly banned and terminated from stateview if someone makes you this panel. What do you want to do with it anyways? Its a trolling panel and you dont need it! Just play the game normally and invest your money in better things

that probably cause to chaos because if you have that pannel probably other players too will want it. And that would be unfair.

This is the worst idea/suggestion ever, i hope I don’t need to explain why

Why only for you? Then other are gonna want it too which would be unfair

yeah you are probably right but … I would have had fun with it but it’s okay

I think it would be funny of course but its too abusable. If someon has the sebee commands its being abused and the others want it. If they make a whole separate game where you have that panel it will be pure chaos. There is no way this is going to work.