A new role in the discord server!

This new role should be used to ping any person who has clicked on the role in #roles in the server. Make this role so whenever an inspection occurs anyone who is W+ gets alerted so they don’t have a chance of not knowing an inspection is beginning. It is very hard to join an inspection when it only happens once every week, this role will give the user a notification that an Inspection is about to begin soon.


Amazing idea in my opinion. I have 55 hours play time, I have attended over 20 sessions and never even seen an inspection.

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If somebody who has the power to make this happen is seeing this, PLEASE DO IT! I have been on the server for weeks but never seen an inspection, in spite of there being one a week and one week having multiple.

I played this game ovwr 200 hours now and I saw only 1 inspection announced in the discord and it was already nearly over.

You will probably get ghost pinged a lot, since they delete the sessions after they are finished, which may get annoying

same- I missed one like 2 days ago