A new update for sessions

So what I am thinking in sessions if a player put “?” At the end of there sentence they would have to chose a player ( the sentence can’t just be “?” I believe this would help with: questions, picking helpers and just sessions in general.

Wdym I really don’t understand

What are you talking about? If you’re talking about questions we just consider it wrong

It does not matter really ineeddmorrchars

So the ? only shows up to what person or wha? I dont really get the suggestion

Can you like explain why you would come up for this suggestion and what it is for

I will later today ok? Gimme more chats.

Ok I will now explain it. Gimmemorechars.

So the chat bit would be a base so first if you put a ‘?’ At the end of you sentence it would toggle a gui where you would have to click the player you would like to speak and then your question would be out in a chat bit in the photo and then you’ll have to answer the question and the answer would be sent back to the player who started the question.

Literally using the pm command

Since when did CP have commands?

then your suggestion is basically giving everyone pm command…?

In trainings mostly FDs do the questions part, so this is not needed (PS: I don’t trust CPs to do it right)

Rip jonah :moyai: ( didn’t seem like he wanted to give everyone the PM command if seemed like he wanted to give CP admin back)

I said in the topic that it would only be in sessions.

What do you mean don’t trust CPs to do it right how hard can copying of a guide be???

Nah, they’re just not trusted enough to review them lol
Ive seen FDs, and even CACs getting at least 1 question wrong lol

Ig they should specify answers in the guide so even cps could review them properly. I was really shocked when i saw multiple fds and even 2 cacs tell people gun is solitary and keycard and knife max :flushed:

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Rip those FDs and CACs

Tbh they should change the time for max and soli, they are basically the same thing.
They should change it to max 3 min and soli 2.5 min or somethin.