A new warnings system

When we are playing as personnel, we give warnings not only to inmates but also to other minor ranks. Sometimes, we forget about which people we warned and how much wans it has.

My suggestion is adding a command for COMM+ that can warn MINOR RANKS THAN HIM and when warned, a text shows on his name like “W1” or “W2”. This will be a lot easier to warn and report exploiters or people not following the rules, also it will be easier for inmates to get them to solitary/max.


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I think this add would be really useful. One bad thing is the abuse. There would be too much abuse of this command. Maybe restrict it to DW or W because the COMMs don’t have enough knowledge of the rules and would warn everyone just for fun.

FD+ for the warning system. ‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’’

Yea i agree
Most staff abusers are PI-
DW should be the requirement for warn command

No LR cannot be trusted ‘’’’’’’’

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You’re right lol

SI+. Superintendents can be tested for that. When at W3 the player gets team blocked (SSI) for 3 minutes. If they get another three warnings their team block will increase by 1 min and so on. DW+ for inmates.

Use !notepad, it could be a good option, but i think thats a good option I think of SI+

im sorry g but we just aint trusting commanders with this

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I think the forum is free for everyone to express their opinion regardless of ranking. Thank you for understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

Fr :sob: This system alone would lead to impersonation

Hey Chouriso14,

This system would be abused by low ranking personnel. Commanders would abuse this feature if it was added in a future update. I’ve gone ahead and listed my personal opinions, as well as some feedback on the topic below;

  • Implementation of this system would lead to an influx in impersonation.

  • As you stated “we forget how many warnings people have.” I would suggest utilizing the !notepad command in game to keep track of an inmate’s warning count at any given time.

  • Staff personnel ranking Facility Director+ are authorized to issue verbal warnings, staff warnings, mutes, tool bans, game kicks, and server bans to individuals who violate Stateview’s rules pursuant to the Moderation Guidelines. Implementation of this new warning system would result in staff ranked lower than Facility Director impersonating the permissions listed above.

  • If you see someone exploiting or breaking a rule pursuant to the Moderation Guidelines please report them via our intel server with valid proof, such as a video. If you lack proof, please utilize the modcall command in-game.

  • The current three warning system in place works just fine for inmates, Game Administrators as well as staff ranking Facility Director+ can deal with rule breakers and offenders pursuant to the Moderation Guidelines.

Facility Director,
Stateview Community Management

yes i agree @they_hate_chrxs
90yahboss cac

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This is a note that I have changed the category to Feature Requests. If you believe I had make a mistake, message me or @skyzzzz11.

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Good work!


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Could be a button in cuffs.


How many times is this post gonna be get revived…