A place to put in a request for a rank like chairperson (EX)

It would be great for the people who want this game to stay a good game and not abused to be able to put in a request for a high rank but it needs high expectations.

@Shotz i dont get what you are saying, maybe re-phrase?

I think he’s saying that people should be able to suggest other people for promotions.

But there will be 2 major flaws;

1 even more CP then we already have…

2 people are gonna suggest each other

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You should have a valid reason, maybe proof if it applies.

I think it would make more sense when only FD+ can suggest persons when they were for example really good at a training

Personally if i saw someone make a “request” for chairperson i would have the urge to NOT promote that person.

I find the more professional players aren’t the ones who would fill out a request. If you need to say that you are professional odds are you aren’t.
If you need to say that you are fit for a rank your probably aren’t.

Ranks are better achieved via activity than just a request form.


It’s could be a way to catch hinters.

no first of all they have to be verbal warned first and second of all many people would do it not thinking it would be hinting, because the group would literally advertise it

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I strongly agree. This will make it so much better.

How? It would only cause like basically everyone to randomly apply for ranks while they don’t deserve it and admin abuse would skyrocket



This wouldnt make anything better.

I literally don’t agree to this… If you have time and patients and you SHOW dedication to Stateview. HRs+ will eventually notice you if you keep attending sessions. However, putting yourself on a waiting list will be HRs+ NOT want to pick you because of these reasons:

  1. You’re basically hinting
  2. Not patient enough to wait for them to notice you
  3. You’re most likely unprofessional due to the fact of you SUBMITING yourself to a CP list.
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Why not make a system that shows how long you have played how many times you have gotten VKed and reasons why you got VKed what level you currently are and the reason you think you should be promoted available for W+ maybe idk this is just a quick think (that means getting a idea fast then using it)

OR hear me out, we keep the system we have because it works just fine and we stop trying to make it easier to get chairperson.

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Im really not… Why does everyone think people who are wardens are ALWAYS tryna get CP only people who cannot let go do that they would pay 10,000 (if they had it) just to make it easier for them to get CP

They do and they have paid that lmao.

Opiniom deemed invalid, most wardens, not all, but most are power hungry o

what… wut people actually would play one million to get like CoS or BoG?

Nah just get noticed or pass an inspection its not that hard.

I agree with @toonarmy - this just takes up more time.