A session for Inmates

So, I was thinking. In #staff-information there is a rank information post. CAO is available by Promotional Sessions.How? It would have a new room and COMM+ could host? But it could rank LSI to CAO.
I don’t know if people would agree but I personally think it’s a good idea
Training for Correctional Officers?

bad idea, these sessions would be a chaos, no organization and we would need to log and do it on BC and in intel, which 80% or more of commanders are not in. Also, commanders would abuse this a lot and there is no point to add it

What if it’s a higher rank @UPdawn099?

Also, take Basic Training for British Army. (Join Group) - They have it under control

even if its a higher rank, its not necessary. Also our players and the community is different from british army so comparising different games dont make sense at all

Oh… But they have sessions as well

@UPdawn099 What if CP+ are required to rank LSI to CO?

because they still need cac+ to log the promotion

Ok, CAC+ to rank/ supervise… CP+ to host and COMM+ to Co-host