A Special door for the control room

A special door that the ert or less can’t pass for the control room, they keep pass from there and activate the lockdown, opening/closin doors or change the brightness and after this they run from highter ranks or say that they are allowed.

No, the CR is also used as a way to go from mo spawn to cb, they should just make the pan COMM+

Are you suggesting COMM+ should get the pan?!?! I’m not sure.

OOP, i ment the panel (with LD and stuff) lol

Lol give COMM+ panel well need more HRs.

U mean frying pan or something else​:thinking::thinking::thinking:.

Ya I’m thinking of pan.
Not Peter pan.

I never said peter pan, I said frying pan.:neutral_face::neutral_face:

we’re gonna add peter pan to stateview yeeeeee

… wut why are you guys saying that I am suggesting Peter Pan. I AM NOT SUGGESTING PETER PAN​:sob::sob::sob:. I am suggesting a frying pan ;-;.

Peter pan, very good idea, I love it

Welp i tried to say that I am not suggesting Peter Pan, but I failed so I will now OOF! :coffin:

Peter pan for governor


And priminister

Instead of 4D_X we should put Peter Pan by the AKM and keycard.

Btw I deleted Roblox but I’m still gonna be in da forums,

PETERPAN4GOVERNOR yeeee, we want peter

Someone already suggested this, I suggest make it so only commander+ can use the controls not the door because sometimes CO and MO use the CR to access the cell block.

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they should make that on the max cell block door.

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No, this wouldn’t make any sense, but as a former Warden, I have to agree, it is annoying when random CO turns on a lockdown

Why did you revive the post. It’s been inactive (dead) for 6 months…