A 'Staff Command' team

I have a feeling that DW-FD should be able to join a different team to ERT, as there is a massive gap between ERT and HICOMM.

This team would have:

Glock 19: (x1.5 the amount of damage done by a Glock 17 and 20 ammo instead of 17)
X26-P: (basically the same taser as other teams) (I may have spelt this incorrectly)
Handcuffs: (same as ERT, MO and CS)
Riot Shield 2.0: (covers more area than regular riot shield)
Warning Device: (can warn someone, and you state the reason for warning them. This info will show up if someone initiates a VK against the warned person, and will keep a log of all warns so you do not forget who you warned)
MP7: Does x1.3 more damage than M4A1, but is slightly worse than M4A1 at range.

They spawn in Staff Command, and COs spawn in Inmate Booking Room.

Ther colour is dark blue, and the uniform is the same as CS, only with a strap across their torso.

So, what do you think?


They have same weapons as ERT only with different uniform and a Phone.

The different uniform is said above, with the strap across the torso.

The Phone is something that you can use to see the locations of all staff and for CP+ can warn them and VK them.

It can also be used as a simpler way to PM if they give the command to people under CP.

The Phone can also be used by CP+ to access admin panel.
(IDK even if CP get admin panel, so correct me if I am wrong.)


I agree, but the warning device should be CP+ and all the other tools should be the same as ERT, also this team would only be available by W+ or CP+

Good idea, because I realise now people will just abuse the device.

However, we need something to make the items different than ERT, because then the only difference would be cosmetic.

Maybe keep the Riot Shield 2.0?

Probably a phone were you can see the locations of all staff?

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Perfect. It can be called a Phone, and you can see the locations of all staff. This will help people see if guards are freeing inmates. Then the warning function can be unlockable when you become CP.

I like this idea.

Dd3819, (W)

And you would be able to select someone and PM them

The warning device should have like 3 warnings and you get kicked, but that should be like Warden+

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Agreed, You should be able to select someone Like on the VK system then you can put a warning reason and on their screen, it will reset them and will say Something like: Warning One - Releasing inmates Edit: This could Heavily abused though with the resetting part so the reset part is a maybe or just like FD+