A Teleport Feature When Trainings or Shifts are hosted and a GUI that lets you host

There should be a new feature that lets you teleport to the Session Room when Trainings/Shifts are hosted. My idea of how it’s gonna work: So, I want there to be a GUI on bottom right of the screen. The GUI will be a purple-bluish color that says “Host”. When opened the button, It should be a big GUI covering almost the whole screen with separate GUI boxes inside with a white outline saying “Shift”, “Training”, “Riot-Protocol”, “Promotional Shift” And “Inspection”. And the requirements for all of them are Shift: ChairPerson+, Trainings: Facility Director+, Riot-Protocol: Board Of Governors+ or Community Advisory Council with permission from a Board of Governors and Inspection: Community Advisory Council with a Supervisor (maybe). When clicked on one of them, It doesn’t immediately host one. You need to click the host button that is bottom middle. After that, there will be a automatic h command that will say that they are hosting a Shift/Training etc. And when it says that, my idea is that there should be a button that says “Teleport to Session Room”. So, basically means that you don’t need to rush or be late and raided by criminals. Keep in mind that the teleport button should only be popped up when there’s a training hosted, and it will disappear when the training is locked. Thank you for reading this! I hope this idea comes to Stateview Prison. I really want this to happen.

I kinda like the idea however, this isnt really needed. It works fine how it is adn yeah we dont reqlly need that. And if this is done like this it should also do a auto announcement in the discord.

Not needed, it works just fine rn

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Ok, thanks for the reply! I just wanted this idea because there’s thousands of people who doesn’t know where the SR room is, (including me when I was a CO).