A use for the cells

The regular cells are never used because we let inmates free roam all the time so I noticed there are actually two cell times in between showers and after yard time so after you shower and get put back to the cells you can free roam but after the cells should all be closed it’s basically lights out and prisoners cannot free roam having prisoners free roam all the time leaves the cells 0 purpose at all

Reasons why this should be added: guards can have some time to relax instead of having inmates escape every 5 seconds, add more to the regular schedule.

No, people would leave the game instantly if everything they can so is stand in a room

It’s a prison game if the cells never have a real use just remove them all together

They have if inmates spam etc. or if there is a lockdown so we dont need it at all. We are a prison game but in real prisons inmates can also roam arround freely while free time, what is basicallly CB.

No in real life there is something called lights out meaning you cannot roam freely you are restricted to your cell only

In real life people have to sleep, in a game people dont want to spend 10 minutes doing nothing

Good idea but it should be like for a minute. Because that would just be boring