A votekick logging channel for DW+

Note: This would be optional, not required

There should be a logging channel in the intel server for DW+ to log votekick. This would be optional, but it would require proof, so there would be less VKA.

Here is an example:

Corrections Officer: frees an inmate

Warden: votekicks but the reason is tagged

CAC: terminates and gbans for VKA

If a log channel was a thing:

Corrections Officer: abuses

Warden: takes screenshot then votekicks

Warden: goes to votekick logging and logs the VK with proof

CO: reports

Appeals Staff: checks votekick log and sees the proof

Appeals Staff: denies report

This would speed things up quite a lot.

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Agreed. Doesn’t even need my criticism.

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I agree to that just need to write more letters