A way to spawn cars.-

So, as a criminal I find it hard that if you don’t have a starting car, you have to walk everywhere,
This is out of the blue because I am not sure if this is already a thing/suggestion, though when I become a criminal I get tired of walking.

Uh there are cars
there is this grey pole at the crim base and if you click E near it you can spawn a car


(PS: Look at 4D in the background lol)

He scarry big man, jumpscare horror movie.

Yes true there should be a jumpscare when a officer enters the crim base and it repeats everyone 5 seconds to prevent the officer to spawn camp

Yes and then the officer goes to his mommy and she calls 4D and then we ban the person who went cry to mommy for spawn camping.
Modern problems require modern solutions.

Yes say true

(Pls more characters pls)

Or just make an invisible wall for officers-

Modern problems require modern solutions, jumpscare is way better.

Yes but jumps scares seem better

But if the jump scare doesn’t work out then add a barrier like they had BEFORE they added the city and stuff

Jump scares do not fit with the theme of stateview, this would be unrealistic have you ever seen a prison where if you escape it and cops come after you the cops have an 100% to jump scare you?

Ye i know i like the idea of jumpscare
But i guess nvm
But they still should add the barrier that they had before they added the city update