Ability to Change your Level into the lower levels

Example if you’re a Level 100, you can change your level to 1 ~ 99. This will be depend on what’s your levels. If you’re Level 80, you can change between Level 1 ~ 79. This would help a lot for DW+ to catch Abuser. Because some abuser is smart and they know that level 32+ can vote kick them. So, they would do the abuse on Level 1 ~ 31’s User. I hope this feature can be added!

If they were to add it, it should be for CP or CAC+ as having everyone with a fake level walk around would cause chaos+ a VK is only a sban so unless you report it does nothing

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Dw are not Staff, and are not responsible for finding abusers. Maybe add this to FD+ or CAC+ with a cooldown… and make it so it says there real rank for CP+ unless they are CAC+ and specifically toggle a switch to hide it. And it should always say the real rank for CAC+. There should also be some levels that you can not chnage in to (eg.69) as I can imagine there will be some people putting themself into it for the laughs.