About admin on W+ or DW+

My answer to all those featured suggestions will be NO.Im gonna explain myself,wardens are still MR(Medium Rank) and they havent permision to use commands of any kind that could affect someone because commands are restringed for HRs that are CP+.I know there are wardens that can use them because they are truested but its an imposible thing,remember those times on V1 (sniff) when PI+ had mod,there was a lot of abusers.
In conclusion:MR cant get commands because they arent already to use well the commands and,i will say NO to all suggestion that says to give commands to them.



I agree, there is 18K+ MR’s and 170+ HR’s/SHR’s, almost 35% of the MR’s will abuse, that means that 6300+ people will be abusers and the 170 HR’s+ cannot handle all of them.