Abuse of frisk system

Currently officers are abusing the frisk system and keep removing tools from prisoners who either didn’t even pull out their weapon or just joined.As someone who own one of the weapon gamepass, I think that officers should only able to frisk us if we use our weapon on others such as shooting our gun.

This is because,I personally find it a little annoying since we can’t use it at all unless we are lucky enough to avoid the random frisk by Medical officers and Correctional officers.By changing the system, it can reduce the amount of abuse.

I agree, they should only be able to frisk people who have hold a gun

I agree, this would be good but I never had the problem of random friskers. But yes, this is needed.

I think it is already reason for Staff warning. Correct me if I am wrong.

random frisking = cuff abuse = gban

lol most of it are under cuff abuse cuz the cuff is 3 in 1

I totally agree with this as I’m a person who owns all of the weapon gamepasses and the keycard, and COs and MOs always frisk me when I didn’t even use anything when I attempted to escape.