Accidently redid the quiz on my main account and got demoted from Warden to Deputy Warden

I redid the quiz on accident and got demoted to Deputy Warden since I am level 57 and I got Warden from a training. I HAVE proof that I was Warden and I was wondering if it’s possible for me to get reranked.

Just re-claim it like you claimed the rest.

Would be easy if I actually had a high enough level to get it. The only way for me to take it back quickly is to attend a training.

You can DM a admin to help ya but idk if it will help that much
this is only a opinion idk if it will work or not

It’s been fixed now, I appealed (akward appealing myself against myself) and they actually fixed it!

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Ok Just Now Have Fun In The Game And Try Not Demoting Yourself

Just go to rewards and go down to warden and hit rank or whatever it saids and rejoin boom you are a warden agan

  1. It had earned Warden from TRAINING, I can’t claim it from the level bar.
  2. A guy I contacted promoted me back to Warden when I told him about my issue.
  3. Now I am level 76 so I can claim Warden anyway :slight_smile: