Add a boundary line for inmates a few feet away from the gate in Courtyard

Y’all may ask: Why do we need a boundary line for the gate in the Courtyard?

Because it’s mayhem, that’s why. There are prisoners jumping on the walls, trying to hop onto the balcony & escape, while others would press themselves against the gate. Whenever we try to do our jobs to cuff & release them away from the gate, they would cry out “cUfF aBuSe!!”, which basically causes naive high-rank individuals below DW+ to warn you for doing your job.

For the love of God: Add a boundary line, so we can at least solidify our defenses & provides a self-explanatory reason why that inmate was shot/detained/arrested for attempting to escape. It’s annoying to see how chaotic the courtyard becomes & we randomly get false-claimed to be “cuff abusing”.

Thank you for attending my TED talk.


Likewise. So many times I’ve tried to cuff the inmates and then release them away from the gate, but they would always yell out (sometimes in full caps) “cuff abuse”. I don’t know how many more times I need to explain this to a higher rank to ensure my reputation.

I can’t stress how true that is.

This is so true. When I was a lower rank, a lot of the prisoners were saying that I was cuff abusing when I was just moving them away from the gate to let a guard through.

You’re not allowed to kill inmates who are jumping on the wall unless they went over it (and are outside yard) you should’ve used your taser

If they’re stacking up on the upper half of the fence and the only way to stop them is to shoot i think its allowed . Otherwise they would escape. Same with the rope. If they’re climbing it they are clearly escaping?

You can still tase and cuff them ;-; No need to kill them.

Nope its not, they didn’t cross a red line/are in a KOS area.

This technically was not a false vote kick as you had no need to kill the inmates, you could have cuffed, tased and moved them away.

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Oh, I understand, Sorry sir I won’t do it again.

Advice. Tell them to stand 5-10 ft away from the gate. So if they do get closer you can say we warned you.

They’re allowed to stand against the wall, just not climb it