Add a countdown for inmates who have the gamepasses of guns and keycards after they get killed

The reason is that inmates with guns will always use the guns to kill people and even after they respawn they will start again killing, same for people with keycards, even if you arrest them they will be able to open his doors and escape, which it is unrealistic. Maybe after they get killed or arrested you need to wait like 5 minutes to recive your tool again.

Considering the amount of RKers and CAers, definitly NO! You would be unable too use the gamepass and people would want their miney back.

I never said to remove the gamepass, I just said that after you get killed or arrested you must wait like 5 minutes to recive your tool back in order to avoid abuse.

Yeah, you got me wrong. We have from 400k people 100k abusers, means if you get killed you will get your gamepass item removed and if that happens the whole time (which it does) then the gamepass wouldnt make any sense anymore.

But it is unfair for the guards team, at least we could add a rule that you can’t use your gun or your keycard for 5 minutes after you got arrested or killed, like a new life rule.

Nobody would stick to that rule.

What do you suggest to do so the game isn’t unfair.

Nothing, it isnt unfair, maybe make solitary/Max time longer :man_shrugging:

Have you ever thought about them changing team? They could easily avoid that.

Lets just say they add that countdown for items. Have you thought of people just rejoining to get their items back? I’ve seen many people do that as inmate to get their items back when frisked or being brought to max/sol. It would render this whole thing useless as they still get their items back at the cost of like 10 seconds of their time

I agree with Jonah on the RK and CA thing since for some unknown reason, I was one of those victims who keep getting smacked on the walls while I am cuffed ,frisked without valid reason and so on.So adding a countdown/cooldown kinda just make those who own any of the gamepass feel like they got scammed as we can’t use the items most of the time lol

If they rejoin/change teams to get their tools back you should report them

I suggest 5 seconds cooldown when you get killed.

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