Add A Private Channel For Shifts Only People In Shifts Can Access

This Is The General Idea: When In The Sessions Room, The Host Would Run srlock And srch.

srch = Sessions Room Channel. Basically, Those In Shifts And Currently In The SR Would Be Able To Access This Channel (#4) And Other Channels When They Want, So Shift People Can Communicate Without People Breaching In Randomly (And Really Just To Keep Things More Organized).

If Someone Gets Kicked Out Of A Shift, The Host/Co-Host Can Use res To Remove Them From The Session And They Lose Access To The Channel. The Host/Co-Host Can Use srch Again To Give Them Access Once TP’d To The Sessions Room

Also, We Could Make It So When You Respawn, The Radio Channel You Were On Stays The Same And If You Turned On Transmit Before Dying, It Stays On.

On The Topic Of Sessions, Also, Maybe We Could Make It That Inmates Can’t Go Near The SR, But Can Access Cam-Op Room. So SR Would Be Invisible To Them.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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I think this idea could benefit in many ways, preventing people from trolling/disturbing radio channels during sessions, would not disturb those who are not part of the session, would be extremely useful for the host and everyone would know what channel the session will be on. It is a good idea, and would probably make a good addition to the experience of sessions. I would fear that if you do not put a certain rank limit on it, that it would get abused for personal use. And how would you add the members of the session onto it?

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It Cant Be Used Personally. Only Those In The SR When The Host Runs srch Gets Access, And After The End Of The Shift, The Host Can Run srchend And Users Lose Access To The Channel.
Also, The Game Can Detect When A Player Is In The SR, Probably Like By A Barrier And If They Are Beyond That Barrier, They Get The Channel When The Host Runs srch. Also, Those Who Fall In Can Get Access If The Host Runs srchp [username] (p Meaning Personal)

A lot of commands and work would be required for that though. And especially for newer MRs+, might get a bit much!

The Docs Will Help That Out. Also, We Could Make It So For The First 2-3 Shifts/Trainings A MR Hosts, They Must Be Supervised.

They already have to be supervised :skull::skull::skull: