Add a riot unit and auto ban for exploiters and abusers and a voice chat only sever

we need a unit that has good gear that can handle crims braking in and inmates rioting. But you have to be a certen level to use it so there are less abusers


Well, good idea.Because CO with their glock will do a little damage.and guys who have m41a6 prob have bad aim

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ERT exists

We need trained unit.not level 4 10 year

What makes you think that the 4-10 years old, as you said, wouldn’t get those ranks?

Also, i hope you meant 4-10 years old

no I meant. 10 years old with level 4.
Because kids,uh,not like roleplay and do whatever they want

Alright, anyways, what makes you think that they wouldn’t get that rank?

Well that’s new unit will,trained in discord maybe ([team name] training] or requiements

  1. They’ll never agree to making discord trainings. At that point just do an application, thing that won’t happen.
  2. requirements are easy to get, even for a 10 years old. If they can get to CP (but they’ll get demoted) they can get to any rank below it

@Sirnotnormal will prob agree with me

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Well that’s make sense.but i’m think time to stop, because creater of this topic gets messages.

Riot unit is basically ert, we have an auto ban but not for abusers (this is not possible to make as an AI cant determine whats abuse and what isnt) and voice chat servers would be dead

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I 100% agree with dorsal except for one bit

They won’t get demoted because CP aren’t required to be in discord anymore

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but you have to have voic chat so you have discord


a vc only sever would never have that much players in it

Stop reviving dead posts man.

It’s only 25 days not really a revive

Ert working not only in prison, everwhere.

And riot unit on prison only.

If i I reviving this post,then sorry for disturbing.

This already exists? ERT is already able to do that.