Add a saving hats feature to donor perks


It’s so annoying when you spend probably about 5 or so minutes putting on all of your hats one by one, but then as soon as you go out into the halls of Stateview to show off your amazing new outfit, some random criminal comes up and shoots you in the face. Now you have to do the process all over again. Every single time you respawn.

Saving hats

My point is, the developers should add another part to the add hat section of the donor perks, something like “save hats.” Maybe they could save to the point where they don’t only keep applying themselves every time you respawn, but also every time you server hop or rejoin too.


I believe that this would be a great addition to donor perks and might even make more people buy and use them actively, because right now it seems like a pretty useless addition to the panel.

Let me know your thoughts.

True very good idea i think it would be a very good update

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