Add a Superintendent application for Warden+

They could make it so Wardens+ or D. Wardens+ can apply for Superintendent in the quiz place (it’s a manually tested application) or in the discord through forums when there is only dead Superintendents. This would make it so if someone is in a timezone that is rare in stateview and they cannot join any training because of that, when their promo cooldown ends let them apply in Stateview Quiz Center - Roblox .



btw you can stop responding lol

You don’t need an application, just be active and/or pass a regular training.

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Quick question, are you a DW/W?


Hello, @_malexz
First of all, thank you for suggesting something that might help Stateview. This is not needed though, due to you can easily access this rank through being active or passing a promotional session like Trainings, Inspections or promotional shifts. There would also be problems with the quiz center, due to there is already a Correctional Officer quiz within the quiz center and there is already a video online on how to pass this. This would lead to people cheating in the quiz center. Also, the Superintendent rank can co-host shifts and also count as MR and people who cheat through the system shouldn’t be able to claim the Superintendent rank.

If you have any further questions, you may repöy to this message or directly message me.

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I am a warden. it needs more characters

Just pass 1h easy training dude

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