Add a team called "Stateview Criminal Investigation Service"

SCIS will be a team where they go through further investigation with the best people. They will solve or find out about the crime scene or any other crimes done by any staff members in Stateview. I know there are other teams like this, but I think this team will deal with any crimes. This team will help much as they can and think the hardest in Stateview.


First of all, it should be for PI+. And second, read my suggestion about more weapons and teams for the big idea about this.

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How are you going to “investigate” a crime in SV?

Hire Sherlock Holmes. He’ll do the job for you.
I think.
Ok no but seriously another team is a good idea however this is just not it.

I would personally prefer a “staff command” team or something, this team would be either W+ or CP+, and it would basically be the CS team bur you get the tools from ERT, as many players want to be on the CS team for the outfit, but don’t want to lose the tools


SCIS is basically Internal Affairs.

I don’t think this is a good idea, cuz it is more to prison then the whole map even the criminal base is just a table with some guns and keycards nothing much so this wouldn’t be such a good idea but i like the idea though just that it ain’t a good one

yea like there isn’t much crime to do except for raiding the prison

I agree with you, Command staff should actually be an valid team.