Add a trusted warden rank at a high rank

It would be cool if you added a rank such as trusted warden. It would be acquired at level 175+ (means they were in the game for 175 hours) if the person is not a higher rank yet. This will let wardens co-host, and give them the pm, info, view command, and other commands you get in the admin command gamepass, but you only get the commands from the gamepass, that you can use on other people (eg. You do not get ref or res). Maybe, to get that rank, they would need to be promoted to it during a training. That way, you have to be at least a warden, have level 175+, and be promoted in a training, and all you get is co-host perms, and no abusive commands.

@Blub20074 What do you think of this?

I like it, but i think CAC+ should give it to ppl instead of leveling, and it would be given if any W is professional, has at least 5 hardest workers and helpers, and is lvl 75+ (basically CP requirements but you would get it 90% sure when u reach the requirement instead of cp which most ppl have lvl 125+ and have 15+ hardest workers and helpers)

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@Blub20074 Why 75+, I don’t think that’s enough. Maybe 100+. And about cac giving it, how about fd’s can ask cac’s to give it to people who they think deserve it, since cac usually does not do as much trainings as fd.

A FD is required to have a supervisor or atleast ranker, the CACs will notice ut still. And no, 75 is enough.

Please use the search bar. We have so many requests for this. Imo the current ranking system is perfectly fine.

I know, but I added a lot more requirements.

Warden guestyo109 has been warden for 2 years and wants to be a CP

Work for it and dont hint. It can get you punished.

If you would’ve been active and professional you could’ve easily gotten BoD or at least CoS by now

@Blub20074 Even you are not BoD or CoS…

I know, but if you’re active for 2 whole years then there’s a pretty big chance of reaching that rank

How long Sence the time you started being actively active (shift, training, etc) did it take you to become cac.

Varies between person. For me it took 3 months CP-CAC.

I wasnt rlly active, so 5 months