Add a votekick command

Add a votekick command for Warden+ so we don’t have to go to the computer room and have to mess around with all of that and we just have to say votekick (user) (reason) and it’ll work the same as a normal votekick

Use the search bar please numerous topics have been made on this.
Why only warden+??? DW kick aswell…

No that’s basically giving the command that FD+ use and also this will be abused very easily as they can’t be stopped.

And you would be able to open this command on the inmate team if this was added.

No Wardens will abuse the command

Won’t necessarily be abused but I think that VK should be changed to a kick not a Sban, it’s so annoying that a DW has the same perms as a FD and they don’t even need to log

I don’t quiet understand you’ll I mean a command that works the same as a VK, but in a command form… Like they can do literally the same system as the VK so it will show on the middle left of the screen…

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