Add an exam that is required by all staff in the facility

We gotta add an examination which is required by all staff in the facility. The difference is that whoever DOESN’T pass this examination, will be demoted abrubtly!

This is a good idea because cadets will pull their crap together once hearing that they can no longer cuff abuse without the role!

If a cadet fails, they will get a 3 day suspension from re applying

No. This is impossible. Imagine the amount of players leaving the game because they got a demotion. This won’t ever help anyone, the community and Stateview itself.

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I think that is not such a bad idea, just a few changes. I think theres should be a better quiz or a training,
for cadets so they learn the important stuff like and need this to rank up to maybe Cao/ Co.

  • Not to use the chair so often.

  • Close the doors behind them.

  • And not to abuse their power.

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Still, no. Cadets dont want to learn

Maybe an information course, still bad, but maybe cadets can learn something…