Add an item armory

To make the game more realistic and interesting, I propose an armory. In this, there would be a place where players can dispense weapons, radios, etc., rather than simply having them when joining the team. This would help, as it would not only make the game more realistic, but it would give people the ability to choose what they want to get (eg. Radios, M4A1s, Glocks, etc.).

This would be useful but if you could customise your inventory with a settings menu then that would be better.
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This would be usefull for mobile users because if you are mobile and you join ERT you just get a glock,M4A1 and handcuffs.

No, you get all the weapons you just have to press inventory

I disagree with this idea as it is quite annoying to fight back if criminals spawn kill us.

Actually mobile is good when fighting against crims because pc u need to click on em and click on the arrest button (which takes like 10 sec for me) while on mobile your jump button finger is almost right next to the arrest buton.(this is just my opinion)

mobile is good for arresting while pc is for gun fights

Just buy tge radio gamepass if you want a radio.

I think he has it but doesnt want to have it equipped all time.