Add back medical bay and remove damaging weapons

Stateview is supposed to be a roleplaying game, in my time at stateview the only time I saw people roleplaying was in v1. My idea is to remove all damaging weapons to improve roleplaying experience, Having no guns would mean you had to roleplay shooting somebody with a gun, getting shot by a gun and would massively enhance the roleplaying aspect of the game, and medical bay would be there for getting shot or stabbed or punched or something. This idea is big but I do think it would enhance this ‘role playing’ game

Nah, that would ruin the game. Then no one older than 10 would play it…

It’s enough “role play” to not instantly die upon being shot, you at least have the chance to be revived. Also there would be like zero incentive for prisoners and criminals to play imo, just being cuffed and moved from place to place ain’t all that fun

I kinda agree but maybe making the weapons only accesible if there are criminals/rioters in the server. It would work pretty similiarly to the CJRP system. You would have to go to your team’s armory to get a weapon. The rioter in the server part is gonna work like this: If a prisoner shoots a weapon, the game enables the same system as the criminals until that rioter(s) is dead.

I disagree I feel half of stateview players are under ten and would enjoy shooting everybody in sight

Yeah I think that would be a really good idea

Your Idea of SV as a big " Role-playing game " is a bit confusing. SVs main appeal comes from the Roleplay aspect yes but that does not mean we remove the " Gameplay aspect" of SV. Removing the ability to not try to escape is a bit silly and would hurt SV as a whole especially with Lower-ranked players. Another issue I need to address is the fact that most of the game passes give you guns I’m sure everyone would be happy for there 1K robux M4A1 to get removed just because of some silly update. I think this idea could be good for making a NEW GAME changing a game’s entire game-play loop is basically making a new one. In all, this is a HORRIBLE idea I support bringing back the medical team but changing the gameplay would result in a horrible purge for SV while we are currently going through its peak.