Add back the punch feature!

It was in V1 where you could punch someone and kill them to death. I want it back in V2 because it would be soo nice and more role play, you could go to solitary. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here: Punching Video. We want that back! @dpimpy


Yes I agree this would be great and make it for mobile users too (also good for letting host/co hosts pick rolls for shifts etc.


It is a good feature but i have a question, if there is punching, does that mean knifes are useless? (except for mobile)

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if they add punching back but doesn’t add it for mobile as it takes up a lot of time.

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Just put a punch button for mob users.

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yes, i hope they do. Cause i am a phone user.

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I agree

Don’t revive dead topics.

The nostalgia in that video I agree with this.

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Yea, it’d also allow people without weapons to riot

No no no no no no.

The prison is already way to chaotic.

Dont believe me?

Go to any server, random. If its not already rioting give it 10 minutes, 100% a riot will start.

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This game is about prison riot.

(Just no also more characters)

Uh no? Stateview is a prison roleplay game-

Thats choco what’d you expect lol he isnt the roleplay kinda guy

what the- why yall still commenting on this