Add ballistic FAST helmet to ERT and may add Tactical M4A1 or Tactical MP5

Maybe add Tactical FAST helmet to Emergency Response Team operators. Adding helmets to ERT is cool!

Also, I think that developers can also add Tactical M4A1(Maybe M4a1 with Vertical Grip, EOTECH, flashlight) or Tactical MP5 (Maybe MP5 with MP5 Light Handguard, Red Dot Scope)


No no and no it will be too op.

  1. This is a prison game.
  2. This is not a war game.
  3. The developers will never do that.

Dd3819 (W)

IRL they have shotguns. I think that yes. Also a rifle. Also a M24 SWS spawner on watch tower would be good. (Sniper rifle of 5 bullets bolt action)

They dont have weapons in prisons, only the emergency team (here ERT) has weapons and ERT already has enough tools. As mobile players can only have 3 tools so I dont think shotgun would be a good idea at all. The only reason why COs have weapons iw because else they wouldnt stand a chance against crims.

Its a prison game, not a warzone

Not that much weapons but i wouldn’t think they will add any weapons soon

Welp speaking of which I think, it is useful in some cases and it is almost like a warzone game as riots can be very brutal. Especially on small servers.

If you have 2-3 GOOD staff, and 3 decent staff you can basically take on an riot

You can take a riot with one ERT with decent aim and one person with good aim. ERT kills them and the other player tazes one person, riot is dealt with in 3 minutes.