Add bTools to private server

Private servers are boring. Adding bTools permission to the server owner would be fun! So we can delete walls, etc… The owner could add the permission to other ones. Adding admins command would be cool too but it has already be suggested.

no… just no…why… just why…

This is RP…

Adding Btools to a private server is just flat out being stupid, nobody would agree to that and it would get abused

No… Why… Seriously…
Just earn FD

Some admin cmds for private servers would be cool, but you would have to disable our anti cheat

Which wouldn’t be fun to play with, even in a private server

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Why that, whats wrong abt it. Many game do that so what

That would be very bad and also very abusive to community and players, if people abuse tools now then imagine Btools, no just no and no one will agree on that, so very bad idea.

alexikxdddd - Facility Director, Events Team

Bro if i read your reply im really wondering if yall even read the request. Its for PRIVATE servers. Key word PRIVATE. Theres nothing you can abuse abt that, yet you can have fun with friends in your PRIVATE server

Okay if its on PRIVATE server i readed it WRONG.

No I mean like in a private server without roguard, what if they just decided to exploit in there without roguard?

Then what? It doesnt harm anyone lol