Add Commands to Warden

Lets make this simple. What I am asking is too just give warden basic commands like “view” “unview” “to”. So if a officer is reporting someone in the Transmit , we don’t have to go to them , we can just use “View” and if they were true we can just votekick them.
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The to command isn’t even for CP/FD, but I definitely agree with view.

View is good but not “to”. Even fd dont have that.

“to” even CP/FD does not have that only CAC+ can have that

Edit : Maybe the “to” command should not be put to warden. Another one I wan’t to add is the “pm” command to either give verbal warns to people and stuff.

I like it, as a warden myself, this would help a lot. But, wardens used to have admin in the past, but it was taken away because of abuse. So, if wardens had non-abusive commands, then It would be great.

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I would say that is good but its their opinion. but I think its ok so. :slight_smile:

Not the “to” command but maybe the kick and view commands would be good for wardens.

Kick would be too much power, warden is quite an easy rank to obtain, I should add a trusted warden rank Which would have the all the CP commands except for ban

Well the thing for that is a yes AND no. The yes reason is well let’s say someone needs a warden. I have to walk to them (unless you are a CAC) and it takes a long time. You also need to know where they are. (Unless you view then with gamepass admin). The no in this is because if you have gamepass admin you can view whoever.

Yes I was intending a trust warden rank with all commands cp has exept