Add Drone Camera in the Cam Room

Hi, i Request at a Camera of Drone (on Staff Status Gui) to i wanna Make a Good Security
Then Add a “DCam Op” Role in the Shift (UNK is Criminal)

This image was Gui Format Screenshot in the Roblox Studio

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Not bad I guess, but it would be a bit hard to make

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Wait there is a camera room in state view prison if so where?

It’s by the sessions room. The sessions room is near the entrance into the prison building, in the scanner room.

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its Near the exit before you pass the scanner go to the left though both doors and go up the stairs just go straight and youll get to the camera room and you have to sit in order to use the cameras!
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or let camera operators have drones like seebe has

I am up for it if we the criminals can shoot it down or disable and there would be CD when you can use it again. Otherwise, this would be too OP since you can reveal anybody’s position.

The cam operator is already very OP, you just need to communicate better and keep monitoring different cameras to catch criminal or inmate movements. But I like this drone idea as long it can be destroyed and will take time to be available to staff members again.

Also, there must be a rank requirement because this could be abused by just flying it around and not using its true purpose and I am not ready to trust warden