Add "event" team in game, let me explain

In-game, add a team called “Event”, or “On Event”, or something like that. At the start of the following events: trainings, shifts, inspections, the host should team all attendees, helpers, co-host, (supervisor), and himself to this team. Players in this team would spawn in the session room. Players in this team would also be able to go through the session room door, even if is it locked (this can be enabled/disabled by saying some command such as (eventteamsrlock)), it could be useful during shifts when everyone are going to the session room at the end of it even if they weren’t in that shift. And the last feature, host (or just person that has admin commands or mod commands or whatever you need to team someone) can also set it so anyone in the event team can kill each other in the event team. This would be useful in shooting and also could make scenarios more than saying just “-shots-”. It could be enabled or disabled any time by saying some command (such as “eventtk” (= event team kill)). Players with a rank of ERT+ in this team should get the same loadout (this includes uniforms, vests, tools in the inventory, etc.) as if they would be in the ERT team. Players with ranks below this should get the same loadout as if they would be in the CS team (this is cause of shifts).

Also, I forgot, the host should be able to set it so players in this team will spawn in the session room (with some command like “eventteamspawn”). This should be enabled at all times, excluding during shift (and maybe riot protocol? I am not sure what is riot protocol about). If this is disabled, players should spawn according to their rank (ERT+ in ERT spawn, CO+ in Staff spawn, and [insert rank considered as a high command here, CAC I guess] in High Command offices).


I very much like this idea. This would work out for many CP+. This is due to if there are raiders and they do come and raid, all attendees if teamed by a CAC+ will respawn in the SR due to being teamed. Or I think CP+ can get a command where they can team players. But, some CP-FD’s may abuse this. So, those CP+ would need to get a certification from maybe one of those Stateview Academy things. Then there is less abuse of the command.

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