Add flamingo back into sv and give him cmotb?!?!

  • give flamingo cmotb and get him to promo SV?
  • no

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Remember when poke got admin… a lot of chaos erupted from him.

I don’t think you know flamingo very well… He’s gonna cause chaos in servers…

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Yes but this will be great for SV, This will get a lot of attencion and will prevent SV from dying, We can handle a bit of chaos.

This will be a good thing in the long run, When you start a fire for example you need to keep feeding the fire in order for the fire to not die out, Same with SV. SV will soon die out if nothing happends

Hello, If you watched Flamingo around 4 years ago, he got creator on Rez_B stateview prison, and it went horribly wrong, so I’d say no, although it can gain a lot of interest and possibly boost popularity, but that’s your perspective.

The link to the video:

Yes, it went wrong but I think it will be okay, As long as we have Admin, mods, Hr and everybody knows then we should be good, Yes he will most likely nuke the server and maybe fling a couple of innocent people but think about his audience, ITS HUGE! We can get SV to like 5k players or even more! Or even if we gave him basic admin or something we can still apply the same effect.

SV hasn’t had a update in months and so far its at its high playercount

This is so fucking stupid.


Hello, I agree that it would increase popularity and audience (players), but people will start abusing and trolling the game because if a flamingo gets admin, a bunch of kids will come and just troll pretending to be “Flamingo” anyways we won’t know unless the flamingo contacts the admin, or the owner himself flamingo. Even the thumbnail looks Admin abusing.

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I would extremely love this because then I could respond to the modcalls saying he is abusing and I could meet flamingo!! :grinning: