Add FOOD to lunchroom

Adding food to the lunchroom would make the lunchroom more unique. Right now, the lunchroom serves no purpose since you can’t actually do anything.

My proposal:
-Add a button in the kitchen that gives you bread/soup that you can give to other inmates
-Limit the amount of food an inmate can hold to 1
-Make the food heal you a small amount of hp

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Just let inmates pick up the trays

Maybe you could give inmates trays with food on them :thinking:

Okay, I really like this since it seems like a cool feature for Stateview, I also think it should heal you too.

Facility Director

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This may sound like a good idea. But imagine this. I myself go into the cafeteria.
Inmates rioting like usual. I damage them. They spam food. They never die. Inf riot.

Maybe make it so the inmates only get 1 meal per inmate.


It would limit an inmate to 1 food tray/item and would take a few seconds to consume

Food is overrated. Just give them tasteless vitamin paste.

I agree with this


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