Add keycards around the prison

So as we know inmates like escaping and killing officers so what we can do like what can make it a bit more fun you can like program and add keycards around the prison like 2 keycards or 1 spawning randomly like anywhere if the prison or outside.

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NO NO NO NO NO. Even one person with the keycard gamepass is enough to cause a full scale riot . Free keycards is a terrible idea.


It’s probably one life thing, meaning just 5 shots in the head with M4A1 will solve it.

This is a terrible idea. There’s already enough chaos without features like this alone. If you go into 80% of the SV servers you’ll find that the LD alarm is on and/or there’s 2+ criminals and the exit door, ert door etc is left wide open for prisoners to walk out like they own the place. Add keycards randomly spawn around the map, boom there will be so much chaos that we’ll need sebee to do big bom