Add more features when power inside facility is off

When a criminal turns off power, only the lights turn off. I think there should be more features/benefits for criminals when the power is off such as:

  • All facility doors lose power and open automatically (cannot be closed) for a few minutes then after all doors can regain control and lock/unlock. This will allow inmates to escape prison easy and with the short time frame, it will not overwhelm the officers.
  • All security cameras will stop working and will power off. No Power = No Cameras
  • Disable Lockdown when power is off. Same as Above.
  • All cells inside CB and Solitary will unlock and cannot close while power is off.

I agree with you on the cameras, but I think doors should be able to open and close as the player open/close the doors manually. I think that doors can’t be by the control room though as well as lights and Lockdown.

Yeah i agree with this it more realastic when you cut off the facility power

fun fact you can turn on ld when power is off

This is actually a very smart idea. I agree with this completely. It would give more ergency to the power outage, and it honestly sounds really fun to defuse.