Add one or two more roles in Shifts

I know it would take a bit of work to add roles because it would make Shifts a bit more complex, but it would be easier to understand since it is only one or two more roles added and there was already a Shift role that got removed (Vice-Captain) so I think it would not have a very negative impact besides the low skilled people that would ask over and over again about the meaning of the new role(s) and some could complain too. The good side is that the staff would gain more different roles to focus and work on, and not all staff focused in the same thing (worrying about inmates escaping or armed inmates). The most different role now is Scout (and is the only role that lead with Criminals outside the facility). Also, in big Shifts, three, four or even more do the same role. So, I do not have a very good idea, but there could have a role to lead with inmates in Max/Solitary to see if they do not escape, etc.

Why [Vice-Captain] is hard enough to use all the roles already

Actually that’s not possible, after all, every role are designed specifically and I don’t think there could be done any more role because we don’t have more mechanics in game, also bringing more roles would not worth, just few people normally get in shifts, and is very rare to see an amount of 6+ persons, so having more roles isn’t the best option at all.

This is just an opinion, But depending on how many users are in the shift, for “scout” I suggest adding the specific area maybe the scout must be in such as the yard tower scout, or west wing of the prison I don’t know. This is just an idea but due to the fact that most trainings aren’t so full, maybe just leave it as it is. :man_shrugging:

They always are in towers of watch, but normally they take the gate one.