Add Pages To The Notepad

This feature is very helpful for everyone, It helps in Shifts for noting HW and then you can just copy and paste the username in Discord and also to wright out the whole sentences or words just to copy and paste in the radio e.g: “[Captain] Response Status?”. It also helps in trainings and you can write out the next steps in the notepad or to note the passers. But my main point here is to add extra pages to the notepad as it is too small and I know that it goes down but there is no scroll. Or pages… So if we can add that to the notepad it would be easier to note everything, or for a different use.

Signed: skoseck - Chairperson

This isnt needing due to the fact, you can use another tab or application to cooy and paste things. Also because if you want reasons for hardest workers, you can just write them down normally as you wont forget why. Also with usernames.

Not about that but the Fact that if you are a host on moblie e.g and you are hosting a training… You might need that extra space…

You would need that extra space for passers from all sections…

Ummm I just do this

(Username) [how many times they passed different sections] (ect. 3)
Faces = 1
Scenarios = 1
Questions = 1
Accuracy = 1
And you need 3+ point for someone to pass

I know but like do an expansion just for like the Guides so you can copy them…