Add punching back

Punching was in v1 but for some reason they removed it I think they should add it back it would make it much more fun in a lot of servers

Punching could lead to the prisoner being sent to solitary confinement


punching will be very nice and could make riots that the guards could actually handle while still being fun

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I think there should be a CD for it because else prisoners would hust punch the hell out of you lol.


Yeah but make a punch button for mobile.


I agree they should add punching so that we can punch those guards out of their vessels.


cooldown? idk what cd means but i think all prisoners should punch no robux neede just punch and guards will have to deal with it they have tasers

Tasers have one shot and if every prisoner punches you at the same time your dead instantly, and yes CD=cooldown

yeah thats great that youll die thats the point making f2p prisoners able to riot

Its a RP game, if you wanna PVP play Phantom forces or something

Great idea but one problem, guards will brutally kill the prisoner (gun abuse) instead of cuffing them or tasing them.

a prison rp game and guess what kid theres riots in prison

well the guards can then cuff them and punish them

Come on, riots are very rare and whoever starts one will probably get death penalty and WILL NOT respawn like in this game, this is just stupid.

There were punches in V1 and most prisoner if you get arrested you don’t sit on the floor for 5 seconds and vanish…

Well yeah but do you want to die and then just get kicked off a server?

No, I dont wnat people punching the hell out of me. The more I think about this request the more I dislike it.

I dont think you read/understood what i said. WHat i said was that guards will abuse there weapon, killing them just for punching someone. Instead they should cuff/tase. I have seen a lot of COs MOs And ERTs Brutally Kill A Prisoner For just being in a restricted area. They should cufff them instead, however there’s a KOS line at the entrance that if a prisoner attempts to cross the line him/she will be killed.

they can get warned yk and even tho not that much of an issue

Oh come on, how should you warn somebody when there is 20 inmates waiting at the cafe door for you to come in to punch you to your death.

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theyll get to solitary and not everyone will punch at the same time