Add Real riots what you can pay robux for

I’m not sure this is gonna be added or not but alrighty.

Stateview should add riots where people can pay 300-500 Robux to start a like 3 minute riot where all inmates get a Glock and staff get 30% more armor. And it would have a 10 minute cool down after its finish It would still tell the status but it would pretty much do on lockdown but you could still see the status (for shifts)

Mrtico12 - Chairperson

I don’t like your suggestion, we already have “sessions” for this! This is not a good idea, Stateview isn’t a war zone. If you could buy a roit, who should overseer it? Wouldn’t people get annoyed, because the prison always get raided, with all inmates having guns? Also guns, keycard etc, can be bought in our gamepass store.

  • nub™ - Facility Director

I don’t agree with this suggestion because as @Valdemarcrafter has said, we have Sessions such as the RPC (Riot Protocol) for this. If it were to be added it should be like 500 robux and with a cooldown so that people can’t spam it. If this game pass was permanent and people could just do it forever then it should be around 2000 robux.

I personally disagree with this suggestion, I feel as if Stateview will turn into a prison without control over the inmates which will eventually lead to fewer members joining the game.

The Department of Staffing has created numerous regulations regarding the Riot-Protocol sessions, you don’t see as many of these because 95% of the time it doesn’t go the way the host expected it to.

Implementing a new game pass that gives all inmates guns and staff better armor defeats the purpose of a Role-Playing-Prison as that never happens in the real world.

Sincerely Trey,
Branch Divsersity Team

That is a terrible idea. There’s already a gamepass for a keycard. We don’t need one to give all the prisoners a keycard. Riots happen often without that.